Pass NC Freedom to Carry (Constitutional Carry) H189

Sign this online petition to the NC Legislature to demand that they pass Constitutional Carry for North Carolina Now:

I, the signatory of this petition, do hereby affirm that:

  • Whereas, the Supreme Court of the United States has three times ruled that the Second Amendment reinforces a fundamental, natural right of individuals to keep and bear arms;
  • Whereas, no other right enumerated in the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights requires governmental permission merely to exercise a fundamental natural right;
  • Whereas, twenty-nine (29) states have now passed some form of permitless or “constitutional” concealed carry of handguns, leaving North Carolina in a disadvantaged minority;
  • Whereas, none of the states which have adopted permitless or constitutional carry have experienced the problems predicted by naysayers;
  • Whereas, the North Carolina General Assembly now has supermajorities in both chambers, rendering them capable of overriding a probable veto by Governor Roy Cooper; and
  • Whereas, Second Amendment voters were in large part responsible for wins in the 2022 elections which gave Republicans the supermajorities needed to override a veto by Governor Roy Cooper;

I do hereby call upon Republican leaders in the North Carolina Senate and North Carolina House to give prompt consideration via a committee hearing to House Bill 189, “NC Constitutional Carry Act.” Additionally, I call upon all members of the NC General Assembly to support HB 189 by all means, procedural and substantive.

Note: Submitted to Legislature 4/24/2024 Completion of all fields is required.

Support Constitutional Carry in North Carolina (House Bill H189)

6,163 signatures = 95% of goal